What Symptoms can Chiropractic treat?

We can treat that?

You may think chiropractors are only able to treat back or neck pain, disc issues or whiplash.  You might be surprised to know they can treat more symptoms beyond those aches and pains. Chiropractic care is based obtaining proper spine alignment.  Proper alignment removes nerve interference; providing the body the best opportunity to heal from within. Chiropractic care uses adjustments to the spine and extremities in order to restore proper movement.  Adjustments also decreases pressure on the nerves and decreases muscle tension or spasm. Overall, this improved spinal and extremity function removes negative stress on your body.

We have seen conditions such as migraines, stress and anxiety, fibromyalgia, weakened immune systems, and decreased flexibility improve with chiropractic care. In support of the adjustment, your doctor can provide helpful information and suggestions for nutrition and supplementation.  They can recommend relaxation techniques and discuss posture and environmental changes.  These will help your body cope with every day stressors affecting your spine and nervous system; especially in our changing work and home environments. They can also provide rehabilitative exercises to help with muscular imbalances and postural changes in order to help the body and spine stay in proper alignment. There are many things your chiropractor can help with, not only those typical aches and pains most associate with chiropractic care.

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